Monday, 26th Mar 2018

A new ‘local’ cafe, Table 26 has recently opened within the Gardens precinct in Riverside West End.

Owner Amit Maharaj said the restaurant was inspired by his late father and the eclectic menu, which includes his mother and grandmother’s recipes are made from ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Some of the dishes on offer for breakfast include the sand crab omelette, breakfast sundae and breakfast pizza, while lunch patrons can indulge in a tasty pulled pork or steak burger, footlong pizza or healthy salad.

"I want people to come to Table 26 and feel at home straight away, because that is how I remember Dad. He was always so welcoming and would not let anyone leave until their bellies were full and they had a smile on their face,” he said.

Mr Maharaj said he was drawn to Riverside because of its prime location in West End, which had become a favourite for Brisbane foodies and boasts a fast-growing local population.

"The location is aligned with my desire to create a new local where people would not feel like customers, but family," he said.

Table 26 is open 7 days a week and is located on the corner of Duncan and Rogers Streets in West End.