See The Light in West End

Friday, 19th May 2017
When Pradella acquired the former site of the South Brisbane Gas and Light Company, the opportunity to develop a riverside address without parallel, was dazzling.
Built in 1885 to deliver gas lighting to Brisbane’s rapidly expanding population, the site’s original building eventually fell into disuse following the introduction of more modern power technology.
Having been a source of Brisbane’s illumination for so long, Pradella paid homage to the site’s significance with a fitting name and further honoured its heritage by including characterful features, like coarse red brick and grey corrugated metalwork, in the new architecture.
Now home to two buildings and 229 residential units, complete with retail tenancies and an extensive landscaped area, Light+Co is a shining example of Pradella’s ability to sensitively reimagine the West End landscape, bringing the brilliance of the past into a 21st Century context.
See how bright life could be by arranging an inspection at Light+Co today. A limited number of apartments remain and are ready to move in!